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Top 10 Calgary Winter Activities

Winter activities in Calgary

Now that winter is in full gear (date wise) we might be able to squeeze out a few more weeks of this awesome weather, but once the inevitable snow really hits, the awesome city of Calgary doesn’t just shut down! Here’s a top 10 list of winter activities to take advantage of and make the most of the city with.

10. Get back to your child hood routes; If you haven’t gone tobogganing in a while you’re really missing out, I hadn’t gone since I was a young kid, but last year my wife and I decided to give it a go (we were out in the mountains) after getting a slick deal on some sleds and ripped down the hills, it was a blast! Here’s a map detailing some spots to hit up as well as some places you can cross country ski, and go skating. If you want to go big, head down to Banff and visit MT. Norquay, they have snow tubes and a giant hill that sends you flying down!

Cross country skiing, tobogganing, and skating map.



9. Zoo Lights & The Calgary Zoo, get out and see those animals, Zoo Lights is a great spot for a first date, grab some hot chocolate, bundle up, and see a great light show put on by the Calgary zoo.



8. Not a ‘pick up and go’ type event, Ice fishing though is a great way to spend a weekend, bonding, hanging out, and catching some of the finest fish in the world. Here’s a map list of ice fishing spots around Calgary.

7. Mid Winter Blues Festival from February 22nd to February 28th 2016. The event offers a week full of great blues music. Enjoy an exciting lineup of great shows ranging from free performances to paid concerts throughout some of Calgary’s best venues. This week long music festival also offers a number of musical workshops and classes available to both amateur and seasoned performers.


6. Volunteer! Winter has no shortage of families and Calgarians in need of support, if you’re not sure of where to start or who to help, ask some friends who may be volunteering it’s always more rewarding to volunteer and give back with those you love. Or start out with the Calgary Food Bank!


5. Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise -Experience Lake Louise at its finest during the Ice Magic Festival, January 15 – 24, 2016.  At this world class event with over 20 years under its belt, you will experience the incredible talent of international ice carvers as they delicately balance grueling physical labour with precision artistry in a 34 hour International Ice Carving Competition. The ice iscold but the competition is hot! Watch as ice artists create their depictions of Earth, Wind, Ice & Fire carving out this years theme, “Elements of Life“.  Who will take home gold?


4. Snowshoeing – Inexpensive, a great workout and tons of places to explore. Grab some snow shoes from stores like MEC and explore the back country or rent from the U OF C and take a guided tour to learn the ropes.


3. Canada Olympic Park – Ski, snowboard, skate, cross country, bobsleigh, and luge are ALL on the menu here. Public Luge is an intense 40 second, 5 twist downhill blast or hit 100km/h+ and up to 4gs in the bobsleigh: Welcome to the fastest sport on ice. Our expert pilot will slide you through 10 turns hitting speeds of 100+ km/hr and you will feel the force of up to 4 G’s. 


2. Hit up one of 9 Ski Hills near Calgary (3.5hrs or less away) Sunshine, Norquay, Castle Mountain, Kimberley, Lake Louise, Panorama, Fernie, Kicking Horse, Nakiska.

Ski Hills are on Google Maps!

1. ALL The other activities to check out, and keep you busy throughout the cold season.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest


Dog Sledding

Stay up late and find the Northern Lights! Utilize Aurora Watch for the best times to view!

Sleigh Rides


Festival of Lights

Fort Calgary Winter Festival