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They fast and giddily carpetbagged their way to Los Angeles in which they coughed up Grammy winner Baby Face Edmunds $21.25 million for a circa 1930s mansion on 2.61 gated acres in Holmby Hills. Across the street from the Playboy Mansion on Charing Cross Road, the property sits for better and/or worse. *

Court records from their acrimonious, people and mad costly 2011 divorce–their legal bills alone reportedly topped $20 million–show the erstwhile few spent an additional $14 million on a series of improvements and expansions, such as getting the kitchen in their Brookline, MA, de-installed, shipped to Los Angeles and, like Humpty Dumpty, place back together again in their new Holmby Hills mansion at a price of $180,000. They replaced an outdoor tennis court using a underground swimming pool and spa dressing room and massage room. Divorce documents also revealed expenses conducted up to $202,716 a month including nearly six grand a month in utility bills. Consider that for a moment.

Hence the reportage extends the divorce decree awarded ex-Missus McCourt a settlement of about $130 million and only ownership of a considerable number of this couple’s many private homes, including the Holmby Hills estate. (They also maintained multi-million dollar homes in Malibu, Massachusetts and Colorado and property in Mexico and Montana.) Back in March 2012, so Your Mama heard from Heidi N. Holmbyhills, Miz McCourt softly sailed the pretty darn palatial property as a whisper listing with an optimistically plump $65 million price tag. Almost two years after the land appeared on the open market with a $55,000,000 asking price and just a couple of days past the lady property gossip at the L.A. Times announced that Miz McCourt had done sold the pristine property to an unnamed buyer for about $45 million. **

The 20,627 square-foot Euro-style villa, according to the official listing details and other online tools, has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a step-down living roomplus a library/study, billiard room, bar, commercial-grade kitchen, plus a home theatre. Along with the house the estate involves a guesthouse, staff apartment, outdoor swimming pool house and pool home as well as the aforementioned indoor swimming pool and spa complex.

Naturally, when we see that Mis McCourt sold the Holmby Hills house Your Mama typed and tapped our fingers to bloody nubbins contacting a few of our better attached contacts. We discovered back from Our Fairy Godmother and Peter Propertyseller at Bel Air who told us they are pretty convinced the formerly purchaser is British billionaire Ian Livingstone.

Mister Livingstone, a former optometrist who along with his younger brother made their first (small) fortune through eyeglass stores, quietly parlayed the little fortune into a multi-tentacled, multibillion dollar property investment and growth juggernaut that has, as stated by the fine folk at Forbes, ballooned their combined net worth to $3.7 billion. The brothers have their fingers in real estate pies all over the globe (South Africa, Russia, Panama) in addition to a bevy of swanky resorts in the U.K., for instance, stately and English Cliveden House.

Even though she discard the Holmby Hills home, Miz McCourt nevertheless has an impressive property portfolio that includes a John Lautner designed house on Carbon Beach in Malibu she (along with her ex-husband) purchased in 2007 for $27.3 from Courtney Cox as well as the shackety-shack next door she (along with her ex-husband) picked up the following year for about $19 million. Last fall the single, rich and fancy free Miz McCourt shelled out $11.25 million to get a 21-plus acre vineyard property in Napa, CA, with a two bedroom main house, a separate and architecturally significant 2 bedroom guest home and what the children at Curbed called”a show-stopping lap pool.

They also purchased the spacious but far less expansive home next door for about $ 6.5 million that was sold off in August 2011 for $6,525,065. 

**As of now property records do not signify a transfer of possession and, therefore, we can not affirm or deny the actual sale price however we have no reason or insight into dispute the reported $45 million sale price.

Aerial photograph: Bing