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“It was a great ending stated. “That was (the) first time that’s ever occurred to me. That was mad. There was an adrenaline rush for certain. … It’s a feeling that is rewarding. ”

You got seven judges. … It’s not like it’s all Southern California judges. The same was felt by everyone. ”

Are you kidding us Andrew Harness? What an amazing end for your @VPHSathletics grownup – an ideal 1⃣0⃣across the board on his final dive to seal a @CIFState title!

The ideal dive, the equivalent of a walk-off grand slam in baseball, helped Harness smash the state-meet using a lifetime-best rating of 640.85 points for 11 dives.

Harness spotted the scores for some time pool-deck observers saw among those rarest of endings 18, he expected.

“At stuff, nationals and worlds like that, we’ve noticed that but on a high school degree, no,” veteran Orange County diving judge Larry Brennan stated. “That was a first for me … He had a takeoff, up high, finished strong.

The 18-year-old restricted a California state championship by listing ideal scores of 10.0 from most judges for his forward 1 1/2 somersault with a single spin on the 1-meter springboard.