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Not satisfied with riding skateboards, a few participants used bicycles as boards, standing atop handlebars and the seat. It seems as frightening as it sounds. And that year’s steep skating bacchanalia, the third one because 2017, even showcased a new element: illegal fireworks.

Though the Mission Dolores area plays host to the Patagonia-wearing place nowadays, it’s nice to see that it sometimes harkens back into grubbier days with the Dolores Street hill bomb, even an unofficial, word-of-mouth event that takes place at roughly the same time each year.
“I got the invite today to come bomb some hills with my very best friends and there is nothing in the world I’d rather do.”

The skating event, which occurred Thursday evening, draws countless skaters whose goal is to rocket themselves . From seamless executions to extreme wipeouts, these fearless souls are cheered by hundreds of onlookers living vicariously through them.
Vjeran Pavic, movie manager at that the Verge, snapped a few choice shots from Friday’s massive hill bomb. Behold. (And hold your breath)

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