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Another addition to this Discover search experience comes in the kind of default searches. As a site admin, you are now able to create a default search. This default search applies to both the home page and IDX search page.

For a limited time, you may sign up for 3 months of INRIX Drive Time™ at no cost.
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Property Notes for Users

Here are a Few of the biggest updates you’ll see over the Upcoming few days:

We have added a number of additional Discover attributes, including:

Home Graphics in Push Notifications

We made Discover to provide the most effective real estate listing search expertise in the business, and that is only improving with all our latest release.
Now you can set defaults for: location, property type, price range, beds, bathrooms, sq. ft., good size, year constructed, and days on market–which means you can feature the most crucial possessions to your business.

Ultimately, this release will come with various bug fixes to REW CRM that were possible because of your ideas and opinions.

Did you know 70 percent of home buyers believe drive time a factor when looking for a house over?
The REW IDX Program for iOS along with Android is an incredible way to boost your brand awareness, drive involvement, and boost client loyalty.

IDX Social Connects

Introducing: Push Time Hunt

Discover site visitors can now register in or register on Yahoo! accounts, which immediately pushes their information that is lead into REW CRM, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or your own site with their Google.

Default Search Preferences

What does this mean for you?
IDX Property Notes
Real Estate Webmasters (REW) has awakened with INRIX are the very first to deliver Drive Time™ to brokers, teams, and agents in North America in our out-of-the-box platforms. Until now, INRIX Drive Time™ has only been accessible through large scale customizations that are out of the reach.

Vision and Discover websites now allow users to look for properties based on the length of time it will have to drive.

With the accession of this Drive Time module, then simply enter the place, time of day, and also travel length that is desired, and the IDX search will return.

Property image thumbnails are added by our newest update straight to property push notifications–making them more likely to check back in to the app, and assisting that exact property is remembered by the consumer.
Your clients who’ve downloaded your program now possess the ability to write notes.
Even the MLS feed switcher will likely soon be available both to customers on the webpage and also the map IDX webpage — meaning consumers can select their feed, no matter where they’re looking from.

Among this REW platform’s features is the ability to create sub-domains for group or any agent in your broker.

REW IDX App Updates

Discover supports feed switching, meaning that your site can contain MLS feeds.
The easier you make it to enroll, the more inclined they are to do so!
But wait!
The next summer release includes enhanced search performance within REW CRM. You are now able to search right for pages , blog posts, snippets, and representatives out of these sections of the CRM with the glass.

New Updates to Discover

And stay tuned for updates, because Discover is just likely to get better and better.

Property images in push notifications
For more information on how to allow subdomains, check out our Support documentation for Agents or Teams.
Discover - Drive Time
Discover home page MLS feed switcher
This feature has been added and that means you can now enable Team or Agent websites.

As they simply need to have a look at properties within their budget price markers make for a search experience for your users.
This helps your customers to have a better shopping experience, making notes about what they liked or did not like about a home.

Prices as Markers (iOS Only)

For more information on the best way best to install IDX Social Connects, see our Service documentation.
Push notifications are an incredibly powerful lead advertising tool. Users are a lot more inclined than they are with an email to interact using a push notification about a new property listing .
Home markers on the property search map now seem as costs rather than hooks onto the REW IDX App’s iOS version.

Added Discover Characteristics

Thank you for helping us provide the most advanced products in real estate.
Know more about adding INRIX Drive Time for your site now.
REW is happy to announce our product release of this Summer. This update contains improvements into the REW IDX App , the launch of INRIX Drive Time ™, new features to Discover, and bug fixes to REW CRM.

What’s new with Discover?

CRM Updates

We’ve added three new features to our IDX apps.