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It was the next playoff game of his own nine-year NBA career, and for the first time in nearly 15 months, DeMarcus Cousins felt like himself again — how he had been before he had ruptured his Achilles tendon, sending him down a tedious recovery path that upended his career.

Bill Bertka, who is revered as both an architect and direct for some of the biggest Lakers teams of the last 50 decades, received the Tex Winter Lifetime Achievement Award (named for the following former Lakers assistant) in the National Basketball Coaches Association.

Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo, his former teammates in New Orleans, played a major part in luring him to Southern California. Davis, specifically, was persuasive, telling Cousins he could acquire a name with the Lakers after falling short last year when gearing up for the Warriors.

For the second summer time, he did not lock down the big-money contract he wanted. On the flip side, for the second summer time, he’s joining a title contender.
“I have sort of been doubted my whole lifetime,” he said. “I use that as fuel to keep to push every single moment.”

It will be still another contract year for Cousins, which may add a specific strain for him to establish himself. But he said he is not concerned about his role or his creation as much as he is concerned about his health. He explained his quad injury, which he played in the NBA Finals, is currently”100 percent healed,” and that his best aim is to play all 82 games of the regular season.