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 As a dog owner, this foundation really holds a special place in my heart. I have worked with ARF since 2008 utilizing my skills in photography to help with their annual calendar. Check out the video on the bottom of the page, bring some onions if you’re a manly man so you have a valid excuse for wet eyes. ARF helps out stray dogs and cats who have truly experience some horrific situations, it’s tough to watch, but great to know that there are amazing people out there helping them out.



One of the shots I took in previous years, check out their shop to buy their calendar and other products or simply make a donation to this great organization.


A huge endeavor, the pad for paws campaign, 40% funded is an effort to find stray dogs and cats from rural and first nations communities and place them in loving, permanent homes while providing programs to reduce pet overpopulation.

Dive in and volunteer with ARF. They’re always looking for generous, people who are looking to foster, dog sit, or help them with the huge task of housing and caring for all the animals in need!

Every family I worked with through ARF always had an incredible happy ending, but very few had a pet who didn’t experience a really tough beginning in their lives, Paddington and Riley (seen below) are no exceptions. These animals went through some really tough days, and although one might think that this would affect them, a dedication and passion to providing a loving home really makes the difference. All the pups that I was lucky enough to shoot and work with have found their forever homes and am so happy to see them be themselves and enjoy life!

As you can see in the caption, Riley had endured some tough times with his paw; a little love, some TLC, the great people of ARF and the Veterinary staff, and a great home got this pup back on all fours in no time and although he had a bit of a quirky step, he didn’t miss a beat, he even jumped in the mud midway through to cool off!


Animal Rescue Foundation

The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta is an animal rescue organization helping dogs and cats in Alberta.

Founded in 1995, ARF is a volunteer-based organization and registered non-profit charity. Our mission is to rescue stray and unwanted dogs and cats from First Nations and rural areas and place them in loving, permanent homes while providing programs to reduce pet over-population.

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Also check out the Program! Are you a jogger, walker or runner? Help ARF raise money by downloading ResQwalk and walking for ARF!

Each week ResQwalk announces a donation pool (e.g. $2,500) and in order for a rescue to receive donations from the pool, its supporters simply need to check-in to the app when they go for a walk. We support animal rescues in the United States and Canada. Each walker’s distance is recorded in the user profile and added to the rescue’s weekly sum. At the end of the week donations are paid out to the rescues proportionally to the total distance walked.

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Benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation, putting over 42 million dollars to work since 2009!