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On the most recent installment of The Everyday Millionaire, Norma shares her story and speaks about her experiences to shine a light on human trafficking. She discusses why she turned into a marathon runner and also how she coped with her son’s cone-rod dystrophy. Norma also discusses the need for redefining achievement in a manner that celebrates courage and an optimistic attitude to life, the way her love of competition and running is also a platform to urge for violence against women and children, and much more.

Norma considers her work will present her children which we can all have a positive impact on other people’s lives and change the world around us.

At 2014, Norma Bastidas, ultra athlete and unmarried mother, broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Triathlon later biking, swimming and running 3,762 miles (6,054 km) from Cancún, Mexico to Washington, D.C. Prior to that, in 2009, Norma became the fastest female in history to operate seven of their world’s most unforgiving environments in seven individual continents in seven months.

Norma views athletic feats because metaphors for the incredible trials confronted every day from the survivors of sexual violence and for those people that are visually impaired. Norma’s mission is to teach and empower, demonstrating to the world which one’s past does not dictate one’s future, and to prove that everyday men and women are capable of creating extraordinary strides in the struggle against the issues confronting the world today. 

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