Helping Families Handle Cancer


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I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been affected by cancer in one way or another. A while back I had made a blog post on my photography site, where I had offered any charities to get in touch as I had previously donated some work to various charities (Habitat for Humanity, Animal Rescue Foundation) where they utilized these prints in auction during fundraisers. Helping Families Handle Cancer connected and I’ve helped them every year since with their annual art exhibit. If you’re a fan of art, it’s a great way to support artists, get great work, and donate to a noble cause. 

It is our hope that a family afflicted by cancer, can put their energy into caring for their child, instead of struggling to pay bills or ordinary living expenses.

Donating multiple prints to the annual Helping Families Handle Cancer Art Exhibit

Helping Families Handle Cancer assists families who have been referred by social workers from the hospital. The success of our foundation rests on the enthusiasm, dedication, and compassion of our volunteers, and on people like you.

Helping Families Handle Cancer

The word “believe” became Jacey’s personal mantra. She battled cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma) at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Helping Families Handle Cancer got to know Jacey’s family through our Care Program, as we provided some assistance and support while Jacey was in the hospital. We were able to help by paying some of the family’s household bills, which lessened the burden and allowed for more focus on spending precious time together.

Jacey was active in raising childhood cancer awareness and was hopeful that one day we would find a cure for cancer. Jacey was an Irish dancer and competed all over North America, played field hockey and even wrestled- all while being a fashionista. Jacey was accepted into nursing at the University of Calgary, but didn’t want to stop there, her goal was to become a surgeon- following the example incredible nurses and doctors who cared for her throughout her journey and time spent within the walls of a hospital.

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Helping Families Handle Cancer supports families who are struggling to make ends meet while their child is battling cancer.

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