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“Obviously, this isn’t a use we encourage as a result of this quality-of-life issues posed by a gas station abutting single-family residential, proximity to the Beltline, in addition to traffic at that intersection being difficult to navigate,” reads an email that the organization’s board delivered to city and Beltline officials and provided to Curbed Atlanta.
The board concedes that support channels are allowed from the Beltline Overlay District, however a member of this board, who requested to remain anonymous, said they had previously told Gentry the proposed project”is clearly the reverse” of the things they’d love to see in the house.
Have a look below at first site plans for what’s called the JC Superior Automotive Redevelopment, per quadrant together with town.

Nina Gentry, a representative to the house owner, filed an application for a Special Administrative License with the City of Atlanta zoning office May 13.

The origin claimed that the programmers are attempting to”creatively replat the whole lot to pretend there is a buffer lot adjoining to the [residences], and they are trying to claim the existing body shop is really a service channel and consequently grandfathered in.”

But some neighbors living near the proposition, specifically members of the Howell Station Neighborhood Association, state plans for the gas station and convenience store must fizzle out.

The property sits in the corner of West Marietta and Rice roads, just east of this under-construction Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry. It’s part of the Beltline Overlay District, neighboring a part of houses.
A section of the Beltline’s Westside Trail is expected to run only west of the projected gas station in coming years, through what are currently lanes of West Marietta Street.
Gentry could not be reached for comment by press time, and this narrative will be updated if we receive a response to questions.

Transitional utilizes: Where a lot within this district abuts a good deal in any R-1 throughout R-G district in the side along precisely the same street frontage, and without an intervening street, the first lot within this district, or the first 100 feet of such lot if it is wider than 100 feet, shall not be used for almost any secured-storage centre, drive-in facility, car wash, service station, mortuary or funeral home, revenue lot for automobiles, or body shop.

“Unfortunately, service stations are permitted in the Beltline Overlay, but they need to conform to all of the streetscape regulations, such as not finding pumps between the building and the road,” said the source. “This website might not be considered to be bound by three streets as a single-family residential property expands [alongside ] the present body store.”
Furthermore, per the local supply, the current zoning designation prohibits the construction of a gas station.