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Opendoor and Redfin, two of the country’s biggest technology-powered property providers, today announced home sellers in Phoenix and Atlanta can now request an Opendoor offer through Redfin’s site and mobile programs. By coming together, we are giving homeowners more options for selling their home in a simple and convenient way. Redfin will also continue to enlarge RedfinNow, its instant provide service.

“Redfin and Opendoor are bringing together the reach of the most visited online brokerage with all the scale of the most significant iBuyer service to provide a comprehensive service for more clients,” explained Eric Wu, founder and CEO of Opendoor. “The two companies are focused on creating the experience of buying and selling a home simple and hassle-free. By working together, we can amplify our efforts and give customers more choice when making among the biggest financial decisions in their lives”

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Phoenix and Atlanta homeowners that visit Redfin’s site or mobile apps will be able to ask an instant offer from Opendoor within their homesale inquiry. As soon as the Redfin agent meets the homeowner, the broker will advise her about the home selling process, what her home is probably worth on the open market, and will present her with Opendoor’s offer. The homeowner can choose to sell to Opendoor to maximize control and convenience, or operate with a full-service Redfin agent to list the house on the open market to get a 1.5 percent list fee. If the homeowner does not wish to meet a Redfin agent, she can opt to receive just the Opendoor offer. Redfin will get a referral fee for each customer who makes the decision to market to Opendoor. 

With this venture, home sellers will have the chance to compare list their home on the open market using a full-service Redfin broker to getting an instantaneous offer from Opendoor and skipping the process of listing entirely. The venture is currently reside at the Phoenix and Atlanta markets, and the businesses will appraise expanding to further markets. 
“Every homeowner should have a choice between placing a home on the market via a Redfin agent, or taking an immediate cash deal,” stated Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman. “however quickly RedfinNow expands, there will always be houses we could ’t buy, since it’s so hard to match our abilities and capital with the marketplace ’s ups and downs. As traditional agents are our spouse for brokered earnings our own brokers can’t handle, Opendoor is our companion for giving customers dependable, competitive offers on houses we ourselves can’t purchase.”
Redfin will also market Opendoor’s house listings on and Redfin’s mobile apps and market Opendoor’s all-day Open House, where buyers may unlock the home on-demand in their telephone and self-tour. 

Providing Redfin Clients with an Opendoor Give