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The chapel Could be made of materials
When a fire broke out in Notre Dame last spring, Paris dropped over a tourism superstar –its residents also lost a gathering place for worship and community. Now Shigeru Ban wants to change that using a temporary chapel that would serve as a gathering place for religious services although the cathedral undergoes restoration.
Practicalities aside, it is a gesture that many people see as a necessary next step, while plans for the cathedral’s restoration are debated, voted on, and hopefully–eventually–constructed.

French newspaper La Croix reports that although the structure is still not authorized, it has caught the interest of Paris’ architectural set. “Can this type of distance, which requires to instill calm and repose, be situated right next to a building site?” Architect Patrick Bouchain commented into the paper. “Will the square, which stands over the archaeological crypt, be in a position to select the burden of such a structure?”
The Pritzker-winning Japanese architect is proposing an airy pavilion designed around easy, recyclable substances . The arrangement is anchored by wood-paneled shipping containers that connect to paper tube columns via rope. The columns and wooden trusses support a simple white gabled roof, leaving the room open to the components.